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Offer special almond halwa to Maa Durga during Navratri, will be ready in a few minutes of cooking, is this easy recipe?

Internet desk. Halva is offered as prasad to Mata on Navratri. Halwa Puri and Chana are the favorite dishes of Maa Durga. By the way, it is usually important to make pudding of semolina halwa. But if you are thinking of offering some special enjoyment to the mother then you can make almond pudding today. By applying this bhog to Prasad, the mother fulfills all her wishes by making her devotees happy.

So let’s know today the recipe for making special almond halwa …

– 250 almonds
-13 table spoon desi ghee
-10 tbsp sugar

The way to create is as follows…
First of all you have almonds in hot water and boil it lightly and peel it. After this, to make almond paste, put them in a blender and make a coarse paste. Now heat desi ghee in a pan and add almond paste to it.

Add sugar and fry on low heat until golden brown. Take your almond pudding in a few minutes of cooking. You can garnish it with almond clippings. After this, offer it to the mother and then distribute it to everyone at home.


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