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Oishee Ghosh has lost the Jamuria seat, which has been held by the CPM for 52 years.

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Kolkata: Once the West Burdwan district, formerly known as Undivided Burdwan, its assembly seat was known as the impregnable stronghold of the Jamuria CPM. For fifty years, red flags have flown at this center. But in the Ekushey election, the Left also lost in their last fort. Trinamool candidate Hareram Singh has defeated CPM’s young Turkish Oishee Ghosh and won the seat.

Oishee Ghosh got only 24,618 votes in Jamuria. Trinamool’s winning candidate Hareram Singh got 61,002 votes. Besides, BJP candidate Tapash Kumar Roy got 82,951 votes. United Front CPM candidate Oishee Ghosh got only 14.89 percent votes in that constituency. And according to the election rules, Oishee Ghosh’s bail has been confiscated at that center.

The situation of the Left-Congress has become the most deplorable in the Ekushey elections. Unusually, their vote share is declining and they are on the verge of extinction from the whole of Bengal. Even Abbas Siddiqui, who has become the leader of the Left, could not make much of an impact in this election. However, the United Front has won the only Bhangar seat out of 292 centers in the entire state. Abbas Siddiqui’s brother Nowshad Siddiqui won there.

There is a lot of opinion among the leftists about making Oishee Ghosh a candidate in that center. According to many, the people of that center do not know Oishee. If the Left had given the ticket to the outgoing Left MLA Jahanara instead of Oishee in that center, the result might have been different. According to them, Oishee may be educated and a student of JNU, but she is not well known in the working class. And for this reason, such a situation has arisen in the center of Jamuria, known as the fort of the left for the last 5 decades.

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