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OMG! The ‘dirty talk’ happened with the groom, the bride’s sister suddenly started doing KISS on the stage.

New Delhi: On the occasion of marriage, fun and jokes go on. There are many such relationships in any marriage, which, along with being dear to every heart, also brings with them a lot of mischief. The most special of these is considered to be the relationship between brother-in-law and brother-in-law. A funny video of a wedding is going viral on social media. Anyone would be stunned to see this.
strange behavior with the groom

Wedding videos often go viral on the social media site Instagram. Laughter is never controlled after watching these videos, sometimes I get angry and sometimes the mind becomes sad too. Recently a video has gone viral on Instagram reels, seeing which you will not be able to stop your laughter. Well this is quite shocking as well. Actually, such a joke was made with the groom sitting on the stage that everyone present there was completely stunned.
the bride’s sister kissed

In this video the groom is sitting on the stage. The people around her are taking photos with her, when the bride’s sister ie the groom’s sister-in-law sits next to the groom and suddenly bows down and starts kissing her. After this act, everyone including the groom is completely shocked.


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