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Pakistan: After giving a statement on the incidents of rape, the badly trapped PM Imran Khan, ex-wife gave the advice of Quran and said – Keep a check on your eyes, control the private part ..!

International Desk. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been badly trapped by giving a statement on the incidents of rape in Pakistan. While users are enjoying their videos by putting their videos on social media, now their ex-wife has also come down against them in this case. Jemima Goldsmith, former wife of Imran Khan, has said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan should control his eyes and keep his private part under control.

“Tell the believing men to keep a check on their eyes and guard their private parts.” Quran 24:31

Onus is on men. – Jemima Goldsmith (@jemima_can) April 7, 2021

Please tell that Imran Khan had said that the incidents of rape at some places are the result of indecency in that society. Rape cases have increased a lot in the society. In such a situation, women should cover themselves to avoid provoking men.

Jemima has responded to him by tweeting a news report related to this statement of Imran. Jemima, who was Imran’s wife from the years 1995 to 2004, trolled Imran with the knowledge of the Quran for her statement. Jemima has written – Quran 24:31 says that tell the believing men to keep a check on their eyes and control their private parts. This responsibility is on men. Jemima’s tweet has been liked and tweeted thousands of times.

However, Jemima also said that I am hoping that this statement was wrongly translated or understood. Because the Imran whom I knew used to say that the eyes of a man should be covered, not on women.


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