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‘Partial but not complete lockdown required under Corona’s deteriorating situation’.

A general view shows the deserted Asian Highway 2 during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus, in Siliguri on March 31, 2020 (Photo by DIPTENDU DUTTA / AFP)

Siliguri: The government and administration’s efforts to prevent it, even in the harsh conditions of Corona, has created hope among the people. Coronation prevention continues with the acquisition of Chang Kovid Hospital in Siliguri by the state government, as well as administrative readiness, while a large number of new corona patients are continuing, but the number of patients going home from Coronam has also increased. Which has created a ray of hope among the people about the system. Due to Corona, the situation in the entire country is bad and Siliguri is also not untouched by it. There are no flaws in the system at the administrative level, yet what do the enlightened citizens of the city think about it? What further improvements do they need in the health and administrative system? How to control the corona soon? Citizens were discussed on this and their opinion was taken. Here are some excerpts.
Corona containment at the same time, trade will not be allowed otherwise the chain of corona will not break: Ramavatar Prasad, secretary of Siliguri Regulated Market, Siliguri Potato-Onion Market Complex, told that Corona due to the lockdown happening between 7-10 am and 3-5 pm The chain is not going to break. Traders visiting the regulated market come from far flung areas. After 10 o’clock in the morning, they sit there even after the market is closed and go back with the goods at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This causes the corona chain to become more serious rather than broken. Appealing to the state government, he said that after several meetings, a way is coming out that the government should allow business from 8 am to 1 pm at one time and completely shut down from 2 in the afternoon, so that the businessmen who come here They will not have to sit and they will finish work in one fiddle and go back. This will also help in prevention of corona and will end after a time of market congestion. He informed that this proposal is also being given a letter to the Chief Secretary on behalf of Siliguri Regulated Market Siliguri Potato-Onion Market Complex.
State government should not impose full lockdown: Madhu Jhanwar, Secretary of Maheshwari Mahila Mandal, Siliguri, described the situation in Corona as very serious. He said that the number of new corona cases in Siliguri is increasing continuously. In view of this, now the state government should impose a complete lockdown, not partial. He said that partial lockdown in Siliguri is not proving to be effective. People are getting out again and again which is also increasing the infection. He said that now is the right time for the state government to adopt the final option of lockdown. He said that the present time is not to eradicate but to end the corona epidemic strictly. He said that people are seeing young children going in front of their eyes, despite this, people are not deterred due to negligence, which has to bear the brunt of the entire society.
Need to increase beds in Kovid hospitals immediately in Siliguri: The president of the Siliguri Merchant Association, Karan Singh Jain, said that in Siliguri, the situation is worsening with respect to the corona. In such a situation, the acquisition of 30 beds of Chang Hospital will not work, but the administration should acquire 500 beds for the patients of Kovid there by acquiring private hospitals here. He said that every day people are losing family members here. In such a situation, instead of working for mere appearance, the administration and health department should work seriously. He told that with the eclipse on Wednesday, we hope that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will take some big step on the prevention of corona. Now the situation has become explosive. People are losing their loved ones.
Strict need for complete lockdown in Siliguri: The city’s chartered accountant Vishal Jain said that complete lockdown is the only option to prevent corona in Siliguri. Along with this, it is also necessary to be strict. He said that the crowd gathered in the market area like Mahavir Place of the city on Tuesday evening tells the story of the people being fearless. With this, he told that the government should become more strict here as a large number of people are dying every day in the city. Those who are laying off themselves know how deadly the corona is, but other people are not taking it seriously even today. Now every section of the society should take it seriously. Now is the time to go to Chet.
Infrastructure reforms necessary in health system: Siliguri Hardware Merchant Association President Sandeep Singhal said that in the midst of the flood of new cases of Kovid, there is a need for an immediate structural improvement in the health system of Siliguri. He said that the state government should issue an order to impose a complete lockdown here. With this, just 30 beds acquired at Dr. Chang Kovid Hospital in the city will not work, but instead of taking the entire hospital as before, arrangements should be made to treat Kovid’s patients there. He told that Corona patients are finding it difficult to get beds in the city, so now people are not able to provide beds and oxygen to their relatives even after big lobbying. In the atmosphere of such chaos, the state government now needs to take stringent steps immediately.


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