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PM’s promise, and 100 days of Yogi government, but till now no relief has been received from free animals

In the course of the meeting elections, the PM had stated, “Write down these words of mine, this Modi is speaking… the animal that does not give milk, should have income from its dung, I will put such a system in front of you. One day it will be like this.” It’s going to come that seeing the free animal, it would really feel that man, tie it too…”

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave an hour-long speech to celebrate the completion of 100 days of his government’s second term, but he did not say a word about stray animals or bovine animals, while the livestock owners expected that he would talk about it. Will say some concrete things. By the way, Animal Husbandry Minister Dharampal Singh is definitely claiming that 9 lakh stray animals have been provided safe shelter and 1.38 lakh people are being paid Rs 900 per animal. There are estimated to be more than 10 lakh stray animals in UP. This issue had also cropped up in the assembly elections earlier this year.

In fact, when Yogi Adityanath’s government came to power in 2017, it closed several slaughterhouses on charges of being illegal; In the name of cow protectors, many organizations including VHP, Bajrang Dal launched such a campaign against illegal smuggling that taking animals from here to there became a threat to the lives of the people. Because of this the animal markets were deserted. As people now release non-milk cows, buffaloes, calves, bullocks in the open, the problem of stray animals has become formidable. Sorry, even though the word formidable may sound big, this is the real situation.

These stray animals are not only eating and trampling the crops, injuring people not only in the fields, even on the roads, but they have also become the reason for the death of some people. The anger is so much that in many places the villagers banished the students and teachers and locked these animals in the schools. Despite all this information being made public, in February after two phases of assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lit a meeting as if he did not know that the problem had become so big and he did not know. He said that ‘Write down these words of mine, this Modi is speaking and speaking with your blessings’. I will make such a system in front of you if the animal which does not give milk, should have income from its dung. One day it will come that after seeing the abandoned animal, it will feel like man, tie it too, it is going to earn.

It is another matter that exactly two years ago in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ in February 2018, he had also said that ‘do not consider cow dung as garbage’. Animal waste (ie dung-urine) can also be a source of income. Through the Gobar Dhan scheme of the government, it can be converted into energy and made a source of income. He also talked about making Gobardhan Yojana an online trading platform.

Well, even after four months of the assembly elections, people are waiting for the implementation of the words of the Prime Minister. It is another matter that what Modi had said then is actually similar to what the Bhupesh Baghal government of Chhattisgarh is implementing under the ‘Godhan Nyay Yojana’. Under this, a compensation of Rs 3,000 per acre is given for crop destruction by stray animals, while Goyatha or Gohri is purchased at the rate of Rs 2 per kg.

Roopchand Yadav, a resident of Madiyahu in Jaunpur, says, ‘We remember that the Prime Minister had even said that within 100 days, once again coming to power, the biggest problem of the farmers would be got rid of the stray cattle. At the moment nothing is visible. Mukesh Kumar, who runs a gaushala in Bhatni, Deoria, says, “In its first term, the Yogi government had announced Rs 30 per day per cattle to gaushalas rearing destitute or destitute cows. Even after deducting thirty percent of this, we could get only Rs 22 per cattle per day and that too in lump sum once a year. This payment too has happened only thrice in the last five years.

Leave Gobar Dhan Yojana, Mukesh has no idea about the recent Bhusa Bank or Bio-Gas Plant schemes. After verifying with two or three people on the phone, Mukesh says, ‘Look, we don’t have any information.’ No government employee or official has also contacted him regarding this scheme. By the way, it can be seen by going to any cowshed that either the number of animals is very less or so much that they are not able to accommodate; Their food and water arrangements are hardly available and their medical arrangements are negligible. That is why the news of deaths of cows in government gaushalas is common.

Vipin Chaturvedi, who runs Surbhi Dairy in Ghazipur, says that he tried arduous for the cow shed scheme however has been caught for a yr. Whether or not it’s Gobar Dhan, Bhusa Financial institution or any such scheme, neither any BJP chief nor any authorities worker or official contacted us. He explains that he undoubtedly buys cow dung from the farmer on the native degree at a lower cost, however when there is no such thing as a plant or scheme to make natural manure within the district, then what profit will one take. He’s additionally frightened that the way in which on-line corporations are step by step capturing the retail market, it could not look the identical wherever within the coming days.

Praveen Mishra of Bareilly says that when the Prime Minister gave the mantra to earn cash from cow dung, many individuals purchased many cows by taking loans from moneylenders. However now his life is in breath as a result of neither is getting correct value for milk nor cow dung.

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