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‘Punishment’ does not end, Shivaji in love imprisonment; Temporary parole after 30 years

Shivaji, who was released on parole after 30 years, is back in another prison, but only in the prison of love. In the grandchildren’s play, Corona’s special parole led to the ‘imprisonment’ of the good moments they had.

Shivaji, 64, of the first block of Poojappura Central Jail, has long dreamed of living alone with his only daughter Ajitha and grandchildren for a few days. The ‘Corona Crisis’ helped when the technical loopholes made that dream come true.

Shivaji, a native of Kuttanad, Pulinkunnu, Kannadi, was jailed on charges of murder in 1985.
After the murder, Shivaji moved to Mundur, Palakkad and married Satyabhama, whom he met there. The daughter in it is Ajitha. When Ajitha was nine days old, Shivaji was arrested by the police. He was also sentenced to life imprisonment. A year later, Satyabhama committed suicide. Later, Ajitha was with her grandmother. Meanwhile, Shivaji jailed to see his daughter, not once but four times. And so on. Not only was he not released from prison after serving his sentence because the police report was not favorable, but he was never granted parole. Twice he was placed on the list of prisoners on special leave, but was excluded. Ajitha was granted a temporary parole while waiting for the release of her father after Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan submitted a petition. When the big door of the Poojappura was finally opened, Shivaji came out and saw his daughter holding his hand. We walked together along the path outside the jail and then to the house on the Mundur joint road. Shivaji will be with her grandchildren Abhiram, Dheeraj and Deepak in a few days with Ajitha and her husband VK Ranjith.

Ajitha said she had heard about her father as a child but did not know where he was. When he told about the family on a channel program, he found out that his father was in jail. Later I went to jail a couple of times. Shivaji also said that he was happy to be released, albeit temporarily.

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