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Raised his head without submitting to discrimination; The nickname of willpower

Many steps since land reform as a testament to Gowriamma’s will and determination. She was one of the most accomplished rulers Kerala has ever seen. I remember an incident that exemplified Gowriamma’s determination to make decisions and implement them quickly. The issue is related to the erection of a statue of Kumaranasan in front of the University of Kerala.

The incident is as follows:

Gowriamma is the Revenue Minister. Joseph Mundasseri and his gang demanded a statue of Asan in the capital. They also found a place in front of the university. The application is before the Minister of Revenue. But allocating space was not easy. Udaks in the form of a query. There was no decision except that the paper was multiplied and the file was swollen. Mundasseri ran to the minister’s room one afternoon and poured out his anger and grief.

After hearing all, Gowriamma asked, “When will Mash return?” The reply was “On the Malabar Express in the evening”. As soon as Mundasseri landed, Gowriamma called the secretaries of the concerned departments and inquired about the difficulty of allocating land for the installation of the statue. They lined up obstacles one by one. The minister took the file. Orally interrupted asked to write in the file.

The objections were written one by one. Then to the file minister. Theirs is only two words: overruled. Strict instruction that the order allotment of land should be given to Mundasseri who was going on the Malabar Express in the evening. Thus the statue of Asan became a reality. That was it, Gouriamma. So many examples like this. That courageous personality was the personification of willpower and toughness to those who knew and heard him intimately.

It is based on a sense of freedom without borders. Gowriamma entered politics at a time when women were being ruthlessly oppressed in public and in domestic life. They raised their heads and stood in the public sphere without submitting to any kind of discrimination. Those words that stand in line against the humiliation of women as long as they breathe have the implication of decades of living without bowing.

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