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Sabguru News. When any pageant comes, we carry on doing one thing or the opposite in response to the specialty of that pageant and in response to our customs. But when we perceive the non secular science behind such conventional creations talked about in faith, we will perceive its significance. Based on the Hindu calendar, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada marks the start of Nava Samvatsarambha, which suggests Hindu New 12 months. l Based on the date, this yr the Samvatsarambha is on twenty second March. By way of this text compiled by Sanatan Sanstha, we are going to know concerning the non secular works to be carried out on the day of New Samvatsar.

Abhyang Snan (Manglik Tub): On the day of the start of the yr, one ought to get up early within the morning and take the primary abhyanga tub. Deshkal is recited whereas taking abhyanga tub.

To placed on bandanwar: After bathing, a bandanwar of mango leaves must be made and tied with crimson flowers close to every door as a result of crimson coloration is an auspicious sight.

Prayer : First the each day work, worship of God is finished. Mahashanti is finished on Varsha Pratipada. Brahmadev is worshiped at first of Shanti, as a result of on today Brahmadev created the world. On today, dwelling havan and Brahmin sacrifice is carried out. Then Lord Vishnu, who’s in infinite kinds, is worshipped, by chanting the mantra “Namaste Bahurupaya Vishnave Namah”. After that Dakshina is given to the Brahmin. If doable, books like Historical past, Puranas and so forth. are donated to Brahmins. By doing this peace, all sins are destroyed, life span will increase and there’s prosperity of wealth. It’s mentioned that every one sins are destroyed by worshiping Samvatsar. Age will increase, fortune will increase and peace is attained. On today, the deity of that day can be worshipped.

Flag hoisting: On today, the flag is hoisted at dawn as an emblem of victory, in response to the pure methodology of the scriptures. Instantly after dawn, outdoors the principle door, however the bamboo (on the fitting hand aspect when seen from inside the home) must be positioned on the bottom by conserving a pat on it. Whereas hoisting the flag, it must be put in at a peak, in a barely inclined place in entrance of the swastika symbols. On the time of sundown, the non secular flag must be introduced down by providing jaggery.

Donation : Many kinds of donations must be given to the beggars. Similar to donating water by way of a fountain, the forefathers are glad with it.

charity : Charity is one of the best charity, that is what the scripture tells. It’s acceptable to donate to organizations that promote faith. It’s the want of the hour to offer non secular training within the current instances.

Panchang Shravan: After worshiping an astrologer, the brand new yr’s almanac i.e. yr’s fruit is heard by him or by a pundit. The results of this Panchang Shravan is described on this approach.

′′ Tithescha Srikaran Proktam Varadayushya Vardhanam.
Karanachchintitam work Panchang Falmuttamam. Eteshan Shravanannityam Gangasananphalam labhet.

That means : Listening to Tithi provides Lakshmi, listening to Vaar (day) will increase life, listening to Nakshatra destroys sins, listening to Yoga destroys illnesses, listening to Karan fulfills thought duties, such is that this Panchang Shravan is one of the best fruit of Common listening to it provides the good thing about bathing within the Ganges.

Neem Prasad: Neem Prasad is distributed after Panchang Shravan. This prasad is made by mixing neem leaves, cumin, asafoetida, soaked gram dal, and honey.

tillage (land) : On today the land must be plowed. By ploughing, the soil under comes up. The fertile capability of the land will increase many folds by the rites of Prajapati waves on the microscopic particles of the soil. Akshat must be poured on farming instruments and oxen with mantras that generate Prajapati waves. The individuals working within the fields must be given new garments, on that day the meals of the individuals working within the fields and the bullocks, ought to have cooked Kumhda, Moong dal, rice, puran and so forth.

Soothing Work: This present day must be spent fortunately listening to many kinds of auspicious songs, musical devices and tales of nice individuals. Within the current time, the that means of pageant has turn out to be a day of enjoyable and a few such idea. However in response to Hindu non secular scriptures, the that means of pageant is the day of accomplishing most Chaitanya positivity. That is why, on the day of the pageant, together with sattvic meals, sattvic garments, carrying ornaments and different non secular rituals, it’s mentioned within the scriptures that sattvic pleasing work must be completed. Carrying new or silk garments and ornaments on auspicious days like festivals, non secular rituals and Samvatsarambh provides the blessings of the deities. The waves of the deities attracted within the garments stay within the garments for a very long time and by carrying these items one will get the good thing about the weather of the deities all year long.

Prayer to be supplied on the day of the start of the yr: O God, let me obtain increasingly of the auspicious blessings coming from you in the present day and the sattvic waves coming from the universe, I should not have the power to obtain these waves, I’ve fully surrendered to you, you alone give me Educate me to obtain these sattvic waves, that is my prayer at your ft!

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s guide ‘Festivals, Non secular Celebrations, and Fasting’

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