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Rhinovirus: scientists have been able to stop the corona virus, this new virus discovered ..? Glasgow’s Center for Virus Research team claims

Internet desk. The second wave of Coron seems uncontrollable across the country. All efforts to stop it are becoming useless and the virus is spreading very fast. But a new research by scientists has shown hope.

Scientists have claimed that the rhinovirus responsible for the cold cold is able to enter the body and defeat the corona. This research science magazine has been published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The team at the Center for Virus Research in Glasgow, the Scottish capital, did research on it.

During this period, a structure consisting of cells was created which works on the lines of the human respiratory system. Both the rhinovirus and the corona virus responsible for the cold were released at the same time. During research, it was found that the structure was captured by rhinovirus, while it was almost unaffected by the corona virus.


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