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Shobhaa De and Masoom Minawala Inspire Women’s Empowerment at YFLO’s Unveiling of ‘Unleashing Mind – Body

Renowned author Shobhaa De and influential social media figure Masoom Minawala took center stage at a recent Young FICCI Ladies Organization (YFLO) events hosted by its Delhi Chapter, stirring conversations on women’s empowerment and aspiration.


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Dr. Payal Kanodia, YFLO, Chairperson, Shobhaa De, Radhika Backilwal, Varda Taneja, Surbhhi K Modi, Neha Joshi Jain among others were present on this occasion


Shobhaa De, known for her insightful commentary and diverse literary portfolio, shared her anticipation for venturing into new literary territories with upcoming works. From journalism to bestselling novels, De’s journey has captivated audiences, as she delved into societal dynamics and personal narratives. Her latest creation, “Insatiable: My Hunger for Life”, intertwines childhood memories with the significance of culinary experiences, offering a poignant reflection on life’s flavors.


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Masoom Minawala with Dr. Payal Kanodia and her team members were present on the occasion 


Masoom Minawala, celebrated for her digital presence and advocacy for women’s empowerment, unveiled her latest book, “She’ll Never Make It”. Encouraging women to shatter societal norms, Minawala urged them to forge their paths towards their dreams. Additionally, she launched a nonprofit initiative supporting Indian designers, aimed at amplifying recognition for small-scale businesses and artisans. The event also featured a showcase of “Project Katran” by YFLO Delhi, a sustainability initiative merging environmental consciousness with women’s empowerment. Collaborating with the Lakshyam NGO, the project transforms scrap katran into exquisite creations. At the event, Lakshyam’s didis showcased their talent, symbolizing the heart of the initiative: environmental sustainability and empowerment.


Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson of YFLO, expressed gratitude for De and Minawala’s presence, recognizing their influential roles as voices for women nationwide. The event, part of YFLO’s ongoing series, “Unleashing Mind – Body – Soul”, provided a platform for candid conversations on women’s issues and aspirations.  


As part of the overarching theme, “Unleashing Mind – Body – Soul”, FICCI’s women’s wing continues its commitment to organizing events that empower women and nurture holistic growth.


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