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Some media mocks the historical consciousness of Malayalees; Don’t insult Nayanar through unnecessary controversy: Pannyan Raveendran

Kannur: CPI Central Control Commission chairman Pannyan Raveendran has said that the unnecessary controversy created by some centers over the non-appointment of KR Gowriamma as the Chief Minister is an insult to the beloved leader of the Malayalees, EK Nayanar. No one can dispute Gowriamma’s ability to become the Chief Minister of Kerala. We all wanted her to be the Chief Minister. But he told News that the attempt to insult a high-ranking leader like Nayanar in the name of it was absolutely unfortunate and reprehensible.

‘EMS summoned EK Nayanar, who did not contest the elections in 1987, to Thiruvananthapuram and handed over the Chief Minister’s post,’ the leading newspaper reported yesterday. The news came in a similar vein in some visual media. The newspaper corrected that it was 1996, not 1987, probably because many pointed out that Nayanar had contested the elections in ’87. Is the only factual error of the year in the news? Are all the other facts stated in it?

Do not dare to mock the political enlightenment and historical consciousness of the Malayalees. It may be ignorance or strong anti-communism to say that Nayanar became the Chief Minister of Kerala because the EMS had a special interest in something. Either way, Nayanar is being criticized here.
Nayanar was one of the great communist leaders who saw Kerala. After a long stint as CPI (M) state secretary and one-time chief minister and then leader of the opposition for five years, Nayanar was considered for the post again in ’87. His ability to become the Chief Minister should not be underestimated. There are not many leaders in Kerala who have gained such a deep place in the minds of the people.

I was present when Nayanar went to Cheemeni on Election Day 1987 after learning of the massacre by Congressmen. The Congress criminal gang massacred innocent people who were checking the vote count at the party office. A heartbreaking sight of being cut and stabbed and burned to death. I still remember the look of Nayanar who burst into tears when he saw the five bodies taken after the postmortem at the Kanhangad district hospital the next day.

When we returned to Thiruvananthapuram that evening and reached Kozhikode, we knew that the LDF had won a majority in the state. Still not happy in Nayanar’s face was the shock of the brutal murder of five comrades. For Nayanar, people were everything beyond power and status. Don’t despise such a leader – said Pannyan.

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