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Switzerland may become the world’s first country to ban synthetic pesticides

Switzerland may become the second country in the world after Bhutan and the first in Europe to ban synthetic pesticides. A decision on this could be taken in a referendum on June 13. This initiative can help in creating a favorable environment for banning synthetic pesticides in other countries as well. Singenta, the largest agrochemical company in Switzerland, and Bear and BASF of Germany are engaged in the manufacture of synthetic pesticides on a large scale.

According to proponents advocating for a ban on the use of synthetic pesticides, while it is a serious health crisis, it also boasts biodiversity. On the other hand, companies claim that they test pesticides at multiple levels, so there is nothing to fear. Conversely, if their use is stopped, agricultural production will fall.

Voting on drinking water and food quality: It has been revealed that Switzerland is also going to vote in a referendum to improve the quality of drinking water and food. It also provides for the prevention of exemptions for those using artificial pesticides in foods. Debate has broken out across the country on both these issues. In a recent Tamedia survey, 48 percent were in favor of improving the quality of drinking water, while 49 percent were in favor of a ban on artificial pesticides.


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