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Terrible May; 90.25 lakh patients, 1.19 lakh deaths; India has the highest number of patients and deaths in the world

New Delhi
India has the highest number of Covid victims and deaths in the world in May. The number of diseases in a single month is 90.25 lakhs and the death toll is 1.19 lakhs. Even in the US and Brazil, where Covid‌ was the worst, there were not so many patients and deaths in a single month. The highest number of patients in the US in December was 65.3 million. In India, the disease population rose to 69.4 lakh in April. However, there was a 30 per cent increase in mail. The death toll in April was 48,764, an increase of about two and a half times the following month. The highest death toll in the U.S. was in January–- 99680. In Brazil it was 82401 deaths in August.

However, the Ministry of Health said that on May 31, there was a 63 per cent drop in daily cases compared to May 1. 4.01 lakh patients on May 1 and 1.52 lakh on May 31. The number of patients was reduced by 38 percent. On May 1, 32.68 lakh people were treated. As on May 31, the number had dropped to 20.26 lakh. In Kerala, the number of patients undergoing treatment has declined by 47 per cent. In Delhi, the number of patients per day fell by 96.5 per cent and the number of patients treated by 87.8 per cent.

That the vaccine would make a million a day
The central government has called for control measures until the vaccination rate remains below 5 per cent continuously for a week and until 70 per cent of the elderly and other sick are vaccinated. The ICMR Director-General said that the daily vaccination would reach one crore by the end of July or early August and the vaccination could be completed by December. Balram Bhargava said. In 344 districts, the incidence was less than 50 per cent. Disease numbers are declining in most states. On May 7, the disease population peaked at 69 percent.

Another 3 million doses of the Sputnik vaccine have arrived in Hyderabad from Russia. This is the first time that so many vaccines are being imported into the country in one go. Apollo Hospital management said Sputnik would be vaccinated from the second week of June. India bans exports of amphotericin-B due to over-reported black fungus. Black fungus death toll rises to 75 in Haryana

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