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The death toll in the country will rise; From 10,000 to 80,000 patients in 40 days

New Delhi
The country’s covid death rate is likely to rise further, according to a study. The death toll from the second wave could rise to 1,750 per day in the first week of June, to 2320, according to a report by the Lancet India Mission, a leading medical journal.

Kovid differs from the first wave in the second wave for a number of reasons. The speed at which the disease spreads is the most important of these. In the second wave (February to March), the number of patients increased from 10,000 to 80,000 in 40 days. In 83 days in September, the number of patients rose from 10,000 to 80,000. In the second wave, most of the patients do not show any symptoms.

The study also recommends vaccinating everyone, allowing more vaccines, increasing vaccine production, preventing more than 10 people from congregating, and avoiding the reluctance to take the vaccine.

Karnataka arrested by Kovid
The number of Kovid victims in Karnataka is increasing day by day. Thursday reported the highest number of patients per day in the state this year; 14,738.— Total patients 11,09,650, mortality. 13,112.
In Bangalore alone, there were 5,29,813 patients and 3,402 deaths. Though Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa had earlier announced that the state would be closed again, he changed his stand after protests. The state is moving towards austerity measures similar to those in Maharashtra. A 20-night curfew has been declared in seven districts and the city of Bangalore.

As the number of patients increases, the state is looking to turn hotel rooms into quarantine centers and store more oxygen cylinders.

Kovid for about 300 policemen in Delhi
Kovid for about 300 policemen in Delhi. Of these, 15 are in hospital and the rest are out of contact at home.

Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava said all policemen active in Kovid defense had taken precautionary measures. Leaders, including the police, are facing a tough challenge in Delhi as cases and deaths are on the rise.

Yeddyurappa again Kovid
Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has once again been affected by the Kovid. He was admitted to a private hospital with a slight fever. The 78-year-old was confirmed by Kovid on August 2 last year. On March 12, Yeddyurappa received the first dose of Kovid vaccine, which was confirmed by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar. The minister himself shared the information on Twitter. He also said that those in contact should conduct a Kovid inspection.

Kovid to Digvijay Singh
Kovid confirmed to Rajya Sabha member and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh. He tweeted that he was monitoring himself at his residence in Delhi.

Negative Certificate Mandatory Manipur
Kovid required a negative certificate to enter Manipur. The order went into effect on Saturday. A negative certificate is required within 72 hours. This also applies to seniors. Kovid epidemic is relatively low in the state. Kovid was only 18 on Thursday.

Strict control
As the spread of Kovid intensified, more states tightened controls. In Uttar Pradesh, it is closed every Sunday. Rajasthan and Chandigarh will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. Earlier, a complete shutdown was announced in Maharashtra and a weekend shutdown in Delhi.

In UP, only hospitals, pharmacies and essential services will be open on Sundays. Kovid also increased the fines for violators of the standards. The fine for not wearing a mask has been doubled.
The MLA also decided to use the funds for Kovid defense. On Thursday, 22,439 people were diagnosed with the disease. 104 people died.

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