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The money came from Karnataka itself; BJP connection clear; The defense is just crying

Confirmation that the BJP’s money for the election campaign came from Karnataka itself. Dharmarajan’s friend Sunil Singh from Bangalore was also questioned about the money laundering. The probe has been extended to Karnataka for Shigil, the accused in the case. Eight defendants were questioned in jail.

Dharmarajan says the money is his
Meanwhile, Dharmarajan approached the court claiming that the money was his and that the money recovered should be returned. There are indications that a petition was filed in Dharmarajan’s name to save the BJP. Investigators say the argument is not legally binding.

The robbery took place on April 3. The complainant in the incident is Shamjeer. The complaint was for Rs 25 lakh. Dharmarajan has not lodged a complaint at any stage. According to Shamjeer, Dharmarajan was summoned. Investigators found Rs 3.5 crore in the car. According to Dharmarajan’s statement in court under section 164, he did not mention his own money. The probe team also received information that the money was black money from the BJP elections. BJP leaders have been questioned and more information has been obtained.

BJP connection clear; The defense is just crying
The BJP leaders’ attempt to frame themselves in the Kodakara money laundering case is just a cry to get out of the abyss. The case in Kodakara is that a group of BJP leaders, with the connivance of some BJP leaders, snatched a portion of the money brought from Karnataka to the BJP in Kerala for electioneering activities. It is only from this that the money laundering deals of the state BJP elites came out.

Dharmarajan is the main link in the money laundering scam. Not only is the BJP an active activist, but it also has close ties with top leaders. His driver Shamjeer had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that he had lost Rs 25 lakh. From Shamjir, the police got information about Dharmarajan’s connections and transactions worth crores. Complaining about concealing the truth also raised suspicions. Naturally, to know Dharmarajan’s relationship, just check out the call list. Even if he goes to court, he will be allowed to do so.

21 accused have already been arrested. K Surendran was approached with some information and digital evidence collected from them. It is clear from the complaints of a section of BJP leaders themselves that the money was misappropriated and distributed. In Thrissur, an attempt was made to pay the amount due from Flex in the Lok Sabha elections from pipe money. However, asking for a double bill was a problem. Complaints regarding this are not over yet.

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