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The patient with the death certificate in his hand said – I am alive, not dead.

Hospital management was accused of gross negligence
Rivers Kalyani’s Corona Hospital, that is Netaji Subhash Sanatorium, is once again surrounded by controversies over its negligence. After the allegations of rotten bodies of the patients in the ward, now the death of the living patient is declared dead and the culmination of negligence has been revealed. According to the information received, Subrata Karmakar (26), resident of Hejli, Dhantala police station area, was admitted to Ranaghat Mahakama Hospital after complaining of fever, shortness of breath and chest pain. Her test report came to Corona positive when the doctors on Wednesday May 12 transferred her to Corona Hospital in Kalyani for proper treatment. At 10 o’clock on the 14th day, the family members were called from the hospital and told that the patient has died. On receiving this news, the weeping families rushed to the hospital to complete the funeral procession. The second incident happened in the hospital with him. Adhering to the Corona protocol, family members began to move their hands and feet to retrieve the body, drinking and eating from morning to evening. On turning into darkness, a death certificate was handed over in the hands of Subrata Karmakar’s father, Satyaranjan Karmakar, in which he too is said to be dead, that is, in front of his name is also written (dead). According to the Corona method, when he went to the ward wearing a PPE kit at night to get the body of Dom, he found Subrata alive on the bed. When this news was given to the family members, all the members of the house were stunned. He immediately completed the necessary action to take the patient home and left for home. Subrata Karmakar, sitting in an ambulance, said that even though I am alive, I am told that I am dead. It is alleged that there is heavy negligence in the treatment of admitted patients. The Satyaranjan worker says that his son is not yet fully recovered, yet he has brought the son home. He feared that the health worker might not kill Subrata to hide his mistake. On the other hand, in its brief response, the hospital management said that the mistake was due to two patients having the same name.


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