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The poet who set fire to the four-colored forehead

Regardless of AR Rajaraja Varma’s suggestion, Kumaranasan couldn’t keep away from the second syllable rhyme. He overtly acknowledged that he didn’t intend to vary his poetic habits. Why did such a person wrap up his writing habits and set out with no hesitation and dedication to write down a weird work of distress? The reason being that this work speaks for a individuals who have been denied literacy and refuge. This isn’t a poem for idiots. This isn’t a white wen (cash) Malayalam. Karukare is black Malayalam. Kumarakavi’s spelling is in opposition to the quadrupedal people who find themselves segregated by caste and faith and denied life.

It is Kumaranasan’s one hundred and fiftieth birthday and one hundredth anniversary of his ordeal. Kumaranasan was born on April 12, 1873, at Thommanvilakam home in Kaikkara, Anchuthengu panchayath close to Chirayinkeezhu in Thiruvananthapuram district. Kumaranasan, nicknamed Kumaru, bought his curiosity in Kathakali and music from his father Narayanan Perungadi. His mom Kaliyamma was additionally nicely versed in mythology. Sree Narayana Guru got here to their home and took Kumar with him when he was unwell on the age of eighteen. From that day onwards, the connection with the Guru started. It marked a turning level in Asan’s poetic life. The start of a lifelong and lasting relationship. Kumaranasan died on 16 January 1924 on the age of 51 in a ship capsize at Pallanayat.

Ahaha! Sadly
Than human life
There’s something else in Mahi that’s pathetic
He requested in pity.

Not a fallen flower. Many, many species of fallen flowers. Those that have skilled the pecking order of his life and requested why it’s potential with tears. Why do Indians cry? Custom is a treasure trove for you!
Suppose caste is intoxicated –
Swaraj is a singular nation

In a rustic dominated by caste demons, Swarajya has nothing to do with it. The poet was positive that he must expertise freedom in freedom as nicely.

Justice itself is distressing
In fact, the victims are manna
Kumarakavi has analyzed the custom of femininity. The liberty of the nation won’t be the liberty of the human race inside it. Who’s attempting to drag the nation again with out permitting it to maneuver ahead an inch?

With out passing the time forward
Earlier the fort was constructed with relics
വമ്പാർന്നനാചാര മണ്ഡച്ഛത്രരായ്
നമ്പൂരാർ വാണരുളുന്ന നാട്ടിൽ … (ദുരവസ്ഥ)

It was Brahmanism that dominated with the brow of superstition and the flower of immorality that destroyed a individuals who had been accustomed to work solely.
What number of Perumakas Shankaracharya-
Retra or Thunchanmar Kunchanmarum
Nunamalasippoy by the merciless caste
Mom of Kerala, in your womb.

Kumaranasan has to clarify the causes of this tragedy earlier than the aborted births. Symbolic figurative language will not be sufficient for that. You want direct language when shouting and screaming. That is what Asan utilized in his distress.

Untouchables are untouchables
Those that are evil in sight
കെട്ടില്ലാത്തോർ തമ്മിലുണ്ണാത്തോരിങ്ങനെ –
യൊട്ടല്ലഹോ ജാതികോമരങ്ങൾ
The nation is within the throes of a caste conflict. As a result of it is not so harmless
Trumpet of indiscriminate that means
മൂതി വാഴ്തീടുന്നുവേദം നാലും
Vedic sages are totally different from mortals
It is totally different
The priesthood divides folks and pushes them backwards. They’re terrified.

Or the slaves had been scared
I have no idea
Grandchildren are the least of all of them
Don’t give approach to grass
They’re inferior to grass and worms. Their lives don’t belong to them.
To plow and plant for others
To reap and thresh the sheaf
And to do different farming
One after the other
If we rely the tonnage

Why was Asan’s poem translated from Poonulitta Ven Malayalam to Karimalayam burnt within the solar? EMS observes that “Asan’s literature is a challenge to the Venmani culture”, and testifies that Asan’s solely work has no cowl of spirituality.

Asan didn’t write about his plight to shed tears, saying,
Spirituality inside awakening –
Hasten to like and fellowship
രണപടഹമടിച്ചു ജിതിരക്ഷ –
Nerpin (lion’s roar) far and wide
To name that.

Time is operating out, sheer ritual –
All of the threads are previous
Weak, unable to bind –
Let the folks stand on the strings
Change the foundations
Those that should be knowledgeable have to learn. It’s meant to awaken those that are unaware that occasions are altering.
Lower leg chain vibho
പൊട്ടിച്ചെറിയുകയീ കൈവലങ്ങും
(Freedom Story)

That’s Kumaranasan’s name to the downtrodden. Sree Narayana Guru gave it to a individuals who had been denied spirituality. What Asan did in poetry is what Sree Narayana Guru carried out in spirituality and society.

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