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The third wave in India is in September-October

New Delhi
Experts at IIT Kanpur predict that the third Corona expansion will reach its climax in India by September-October. There are three possibilities for the third expansion to reach its climax. In the study report prepared by Rajesh Ranjan and Mahendra Sharma.

If the country is completely unlocked by mid-July, the third wave will reach its peak by October. However, it did not reach the peak of the second expansion. But if the virus mutation leads to a third outbreak, it will reach its peak by September. This will be more intense than the second wave. The third expansion will reach its climax only at the end of October in the event of a crackdown. IIT experts say the spread of the disease will not be exacerbated if regulations, including social distance, are complied with.

45% reduction in death‌
Weekly Corona deaths in the country fell by 45 per cent. The week from June 14 to 20 saw less than 14,000 deaths. After nine weeks, the weekly death toll drops to 14,000. In the week ended June 20, 13,886 people died. The previous week it was 25,058.

Delta Plus‌ in 20 names
The new Covid variant, Delta Plus, has been reported in 20 people in India, according to the National Center for Disease Control Director. Sujeet Singh informed. Eight are in Maharashtra. Also confirmed in Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. Delta is a B.1.617.2 virus. The AY1 variation that occurs in this is Delta Plus.

Vaccine does not cause infertility: Center
The Union Ministry of Health has said that the propaganda that Corona vaccines can cause infertility is baseless. The vaccine does not cause infertility in both women and men. None of the currently used vaccines, including polio, are infertile. Vaccines are started to ensure complete safety and efficacy. The vaccine is completely safe for breastfeeding women. The Ministry of Health has stated that breastfeeding should not be stopped after or before taking the vaccine.

Today is the meeting of the opposition parties
Opposition parties will meet at the residence of NCP president Sharad Pawar on Tuesday as the central government is on the defensive over issues like Corona resistance, economic slowdown, inflation, unemployment and farmers’ strike. Former BJP leaders and current Trinamool members Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Kishore took the initiative to convene the meeting.

After leaving the BJP, Yashwant Sinha formed a platform called Rashtriya Manch. Leaders of various parties were invited to the meeting in the name of political machinations. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. PB member Neelolpal Basu from CPI (M) will be present. Congress leaders Vivek Nka and Kapil Sibal have been invited. However, Sibal reportedly declined the invitation.

Apart from political leaders, dignitaries from various walks of life are also invited. Sources close to Yashwant Sinha said that the aim was to unite the opposition parties against the BJP at the national level.

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