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This Edtech Platform has Redefined Learning for Students

Advancements in Technology have reduced physical distances around the globe while also blurring national boundaries. Industry exposure is critical during the student phase since it enables hands-on experience rather than theoretical learning alone. Teachnook is one such platform where students in India can upskill themselves and be future-ready.


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Kajal Dave, Co-founder, Teachnook


The platform offers a comprehensive e-learning program with a carefully curated curriculum that helps students develop skills right from scratch and in advancing their careers through guidance from industry experts.


It aims to provide students with flexible, virtual courses designed to explore various domains, and foster personal as well as professional skills through engaging in different group activities. In order to strengthen the already existing education system, Teachnook plays a vital role by helping students gain international exposure and learn how to dwell in a highly competitive environment.


Teachnook offers diverse courses, which can help you kickstart your career with the required knowledge and skills. And further helps gain the necessary expertise and credentials to move a step closer to their dream career.


From Computer Sciences to Biotechnology, they have all covered the latest and trending courses which are virtual and help give the students free will to learn and upskill themselves from every nook and corner in India. The courses are mentioned below:


In Computer Science, students can opt for varied courses like Machine learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, etc.


For Electrics and Communications, they can choose from Embedded Systems, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Internet of Things, and Robotics, etc.


For students who want to pursue their career in Mechanical/Civil, they can opt for AutoCad, Car Designing, IC Engine, and Construction Planning.


Also, for students who want to enter the corporate world, they have an option across Digital Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and the stock market. Along with Biotechnology courses including Nano Technologies and Genetic Engineering. These industry-specific courses will enable students to become job-ready with the hands-on learning experience.


“We are proud to announce that we have crossed the mark of more than 30K students trained in 9 months since our inception. We are looking at a sustainable future for more than 5 years and we have a target to train more than 50K students by the end of 2022. We are growing on a rapid trajectory because of the intricate design of our curriculums and the value proposition that we put forth in the market. We are the first to venture into hybrid segments of foreign education markets as we are in a phase of post corona cycle and the foreign universities are ready to welcome International students with open arms. Our Major focus is to make the programs affordable for the students where they get to explore cultures and get to build connections and meaningful relationships across the globe,” says Kajal Dave, Co-founder, Teachnook.


These courses and programs will strengthen the knowledge and skills of students. It will also help them pave their career path with confidence and boost their skill sets. The courses have successfully landed students with guaranteed job opportunities. Now is the best feasible time to learn and upskill yourselves to expand your horizon in order to land your dream job!


The students are offered proper counseling according to the career they want to pursue in the future. They can connect with Teachnook counselors for any query related to their courses and program and make the right career choice accordingly.


Teachnook’s program is designed to help individuals train and upskill themselves in a field of their choosing to land their dream job after the completion of the course. The 2-month long course dives into the essential topics of the chosen field and provides them with professional certification.


About Teachnook

Teachnook is turning out to be a head turner in the field of skill development for students. They have an expert team of motivated individuals driven with a sole mission to help students become industry ready. They strongly believe that every student has a different skill set depending on their interests, natural abilities, and experiences. Possessing the right set of skills not only facilitates professional growth and provides a competitive edge but also results in higher productivity.



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