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Those who circle over Kifbi will get tired: Pinarayi

Peralassery> Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that those who fly in circles over Kifbi are just getting tired. All the central agencies have been flying over Kifby for some time. They are not going to get anything.
It operates on the basis of law. This is not a move against Kifby. The CM said in a mass gathering in Dharmadam constituency that this was a move against the country.

Everyone has seen the change that has come across the country. They do not tolerate anything happening here when nothing is happening in BJP ruled areas. That’s why we’re looking to see if we can invest somehow. There is a special consensus between the Congress and the BJP on this.

“We have seen it in many stages,” he said. With the Assembly elections approaching, they are coming up with lies again. “People will make the right decision in that regard as well,” he said.

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