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Trinamool doors closed for traitors! The Chief Minister said taking Mukul back.

Kolkata: West Bengal politics today saw a dramatic turn. Mukul Roy, who has been in the All India Trinamool Congress since 1996, abruptly joined the BJP in 2016 and returned to the Trinamool in 2021 after four years. Regarding the BJP’s resignation, Mukul Roy said the party does not like it. At around 4.30 pm, he severed all ties with the Gerua camp and joined the grassroots. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee welcomed him to the party wearing a northern dress.

It is true that Mukul Roy was reinstated in the party on this day, but Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee made it clear that the door was closed for those who joined the BJP after betraying the Trinamool before the Ekushey assembly elections. He said Mukul Roy did not leave the party before the Ekushey vote. And he did not make any remarks against us during the election campaign. But there are many who left the party before the vote in greed for power and money, spoke harshly about us, they will not be returned to the party.

However, the Trinamool leader also said that many more members of the BJP will join the Trinamool. He said that the matter will be informed in time. It is to be noted that after the BJP’s defeat in the Ekushey elections, many leaders, including Rajiv Banerjee and Sonali Guha, are now looking to return to the grassroots. However, the grassroots is not bothering with them at the moment. And the team leader has also made it clear that they are traitors, they will not be included in the team.

The Chief Minister said those who betrayed us before the election will not be included in the party. Mukul did not say anything against us during the election. And he did not leave us before the election. There are many who left the team with Mukul, they may want to come back to the team. We will decide with them at the right time. We don’t care about those who left us before the vote.

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