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UDF and BJP move together with lies against LDF; Rahul jumps into sea for tourism: CM

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that there was a government in Kerala before 2016 that did not recognize the importance of infrastructure development. He was speaking after inaugurating the Yuva Maha Sangam organized by DYFI at Shankhumukham

The Opposition in Kerala today does not realize the importance of basic development. The development of National Highways will in a way be part of the development of Kerala. Many other basic developments need to take place. The difficulty is that there is not enough money. But the LDF did not stand helpless. The government did not stand idly by in the face of many challenges. As part of that consultation, we will begin the development process of Kifby, which we all largely agree on.

Kifby was introduced on the new canvas. The then government said that the basic development of the country was important. He said it could raise money through Kifby. But what an accusation it was. The CM also asked what was wrong with the government in this regard.

When the development of the country is completed properly, many lakhs of job seekers will get employment according to their qualifications. This is something everyone knows. The government has taken the initiative for this. But the opposition objected. As soon as he came to power, the LDF announced the development of the country.

The LDF said it was an all-encompassing development. The Kerala model is famous. In some respects our country has come to lie with the developed capitalist nations. There was a big drop in the public education sector during the UDF. Many were saddened. Subsequently, the LDF government launched a campaign to protect public education. 5 lakh children dropped out during the UDF regime. During the LDF regime, an additional 6,80,000 children were enrolled in the same public education sector. The children go to an international standard school. Attempts were made to raise infrastructure and academic standards. So schools became high.

To enjoy that high-tech standard even during the Kovid era. Is this something that this country does not want? All the people who want to protect the public education sector will say in their hearts that what you have done is not wrong.

The higher education sector is going to change drastically. All deficiencies will be resolved. Big change is coming. They are trying to make Kerala the hub of higher education. The government wondered if there was any way it could help young people looking for work. But what happened in its name. Nadi understands everything. Don’t think that Keralites can be caught by creating any kind of lie. Your fraud is well recognized.

Allegations were made that the LDF was over. Large scale lies. The UDF and the BJP moved together. There were also a number of agencies. And there was the right-wing media. And then what happened. Nadu understood what was going on. The result was eye-popping for right-wing experts. Everyone has a life experience. It’s based on things. The last stage proved that all sections of the people had aligned themselves with the LDF.

The CM also alleged that the deep sea fishing controversy was a conspiracy. He said the opposition had tried to mislead the fishermen and conspired to do so.

The Chief Minister scoffed that Rahul Gandhi was a good tourist and that the tourism department had benefited from Rahul jumping into the sea.


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