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Updated guidelines for RTPCR testing

Thiruvananthapuram> RTPCR conducted in government, private, mobile and static laboratories in the state. The Department of Health has updated the guidelines for testing. Currently, RTPCR is available in government and accredited private labs. Although the test is ongoing, the guidelines have been updated to make the tests more robust.

Beyond the testing capacity of government labs, the RTPCR When it comes to tests, it can be sent to authorized private labs for testing. RTPCR for International Passengers at the Airport The inspection was made free by the government. Accredited labs providing this service will be reimbursed at a cost of Rs. 448 inclusive of all expenses.

All these labs should be inspected and the information uploaded within 24 hours.

The KMSCL aims to quickly diagnose and treat patients in Kovid-infested areas. RTPCR by Founded by Mobile Laboratories. Mobile laboratories operate by locating spots in districts. The services of mobile laboratories are available at airports, cantonment zones, clusters, workplaces and areas of primary contact. Accurate guidelines should be followed in testing, result uploading and waste management from sample taking. Test results must be uploaded within 24 hours.

If they are positive they should be informed as soon as possible and the Surveillance Team should take them over. RTPCR Mobile laboratories can be purchased for only Rs 448, including all expenses for testing.

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