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Women are not getting Ujjwala gas subsidy, prices also increase, are being forced to sell cylinders!

Along with petrol and diesel, the prices of LPG have also spoiled the budget of the people. People are taking to the road against the rising prices of LPG. Women taking connections under the Ujjwala scheme in Patna City descended on the road. The women sitting in the queue were making the sound of buy cylinders – buy cylinders. He says that the government has stopped subsidizing for the last 8 months. Now by increasing the price of LPG, the common man has broken his back.

According to Jansatta’s news, women are very angry with the increase in the price of cylinders. The women said that in three months the price of the cylinder was increased by Rs.200. Earlier, the cylinder was worth Rs 742 and the subsidy was Rs 245.20. Now the price of the cylinder has been reduced to Rs 892.50, but the subsidy has been reduced to Rs 79.26. The women said that when she cannot fill the cylinder, what is the use of keeping the empty cylinder in the house. Therefore, she is sitting on the road, calling people to buy cylinders.

According to a survey conducted by CEEW — the Council on Energy, Environment and Water — the proportion of households using coal-wood for cooking was 85% in 2015, down from 61% in 2018. According to the report, 88% of households in 2015 said that the reason for not using the LGP connection is because of its cost. In 2018, this number decreased to just one percent to 87%. That is, people are not using the free cylinders because of their cost.

Explain that the Modi government started the Ujjwala scheme in 2016. The government had also propagated the plan vigorously. PM Modi started this scheme from Ballia district of eastern Uttar Pradesh. But, the situation today is that these women are now ready to sell their cylinders.


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