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World Music Day: There is a deep connection between music and human beings, music resides in everyone’s particle.

New Delhi: Along with World Yoga Day, World Music Day is also celebrated on 21st June. The purpose of celebrating it is to provide a platform to experts and new artists apart from promoting music in different ways. The first World Music Day was celebrated in France on 21 June 1982 to maintain lasting peace in the world. Earlier in 1976, United States musician Joel Cohen used to celebrate this day.

World Music Day is celebrated in a total of 110 countries (Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Australia, Vietnam, Congo, Cameroon, Mauritius, Fiji, Colombia, Chile, Nepal and Japan etc.). Apart from World Music Day, it is also known as a music festival.

Purpose: The purpose of World Music Day is to make people aware of music so that there is peace in the mind of the people. In France, all events on this day are held for free. Even the greatest of artists perform on this day without paying. It is a day to universalize music. On this day the world’s greatest artists did not charge any fee for singing, on that day music was organized all over the world.

It is also being said that the sensitive parts of the body get stirred between listening to songs of their choice with a person. The mind starts moving, the mind is filled with joy, sometimes tears come out. Psychologist Nick also believes that music has a very special relationship with health. Musicians say that every raga is associated with life and the mind automatically fills with ragas. The positive aspect of music health since time immemorial is now named music therapy. The relationship between music is now being researched in the field of science. Due to the increasing influence of music on human beings, in recent years, June 21 has also been celebrated as Music Day.

Just as music in particles keeps us healthy through yoga, similarly music keeps us healthy and happy. It is said that the sound of music is found in the particles of nature. For example, the morning wind, the chirping of birds and the waving of tree leaves are all known as music. Music has settled in the soul of all of us, if we are happy, then music is the companion of happiness and sorrow in music, music, from which we can never stay away. Music is like rhythm, on the lines of which poems are no less than music. They have rhythm, words and singing.


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