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Yas caused havoc in surrounding areas including Digha, 1 killed, 1 missing.

Kharagpur / Digha: Cyclone Yas wreaked havoc in Digha and adjoining areas of East Midnapore since Wednesday morning. Due to the impact of Yas, the form of the Digha sea became very frightening and its water crossed the Digha coast and entered inside the hotels located on the beach. At the same time, 4 people drowned in Kalindi Dakshin Pada area of ​​Mandaramani police station area, out of which 2 were saved but one died and one went missing. In view of the situation, an army has been deployed in Digha which is helping people to be rescued and taken to relief camps or safe places. Due to the cyclonic storm ‘Yas’, the situation in Digha in East Midnapore started deteriorating from Tuesday night itself, but on Wednesday, the sea became more frightening by the time of dawn. The sea water crossed the coast and entered the hotels on the sea shore. Due to the recession of the sea waves, the small shops along the banks of Digha sea were washed away in the water. At the same time, the Digha sea water crossed the guardwall and entered the city of Digha and the road from Digha to Mandaramani has taken the form of a river. Apart from this, sea water has penetrated inside Digha police station, due to which the people of Digha have become very terrorized. Digha also started raining in the morning with strong winds. Apart from Digha, sea water crossed the embankment and entered the city in Mandaramani, Shankarpur, Tajpur etc., due to which people of those areas have been sent to relief camps. Former Midnapore district administration says that the cyclonic storm has caused a lot of damage. However, so much damage has not been known yet.


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